After various engagements as an actor and first productions at GDR city theatres Jo Fabian has been an
independent director and choreographer since 1987. With productions in Leipzig and at the Bauhaus-stage
in Dessau he founded his reputation as the director of an unusual "theatre of moved architecture" which
persistently defies the genre limits of acting, dance, performance, concert and installation. In 1994 he founded the Department Theater Ltd. In 1999 Jo Fabian received the "3. German producers' award for choreography" for his work as director and choreographer.

Jo Fabians genre transcending productions are distinguished for their highly artificial aesthetics and lavish visual imagery. He produces dance theatre as Gesamtkunstwerk. The context of images, signs, texts, sounds and movements is defined anew for each production. Fabian's method balances intellectual penetration and
elementary scenic action. "Blown Away" (1999) was The startingpoint to develop a new language of movement
which was based on the system of rules of writing: the alphasystem. The aim of the continuing project is the
transference of texts into body language. This provides an opportunity to connect even complex meaningful
structures with dance. The dancers will be able to write with their bodies and the audience learns to read anew.